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Vedic Counseling

Vedic Counseling

The Vedic way of higher knowledge naturally leads us to a new view of life-counseling, from levels of physical and psychological well-being to unleashing our highest creativity and deepest awareness.

The Vedic model of counseling reflects a dynamic and transformative system of Self-realization, with special teachings and practices for all levels of our nature as body, senses, mind, prana, and consciousness.

It is based upon the experience of thousands of years of great Yogis, rishis and sages from India, including the many who have brought their profound teachings to the West in recent decades.

As such, the Vedic approach is both unique and universal and presents us with extraordinary and powerful tools to enable us to shape our lives according to the highest Self-awareness.

All those who are willing study and apply this Vedic system with dedication and consistency are bound to discover the greater reality and energy of the whole of life accessible to them in their every breath and behind every thought.

We are looking for a greater connection with the entire planet and with the universe as a whole that we are now coming to recognize as pervaded by a unitary life and awareness.

Today we are discovering many new dynamic tools for understanding ourselves and for bringing greater meaning into our lives, not simply at a physical level, but at deeper levels of consciousness.

Our model of the human being is shifting from that of a separate individual fixed in one location in time and space to a global presence through the internet and information technology, to a cosmic being through the universe as a whole.

This means that we must radically adjust our educational system and view of life accordingly, and look at different strategies to allow these new potentials to blossom in the optimal manner.