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Traditional Tantra Yoga

Traditional Tantra Yoga

This form of yoga is more a moving meditation than a physical workout.

Traditional Tantra Yoga focuses on internal connection and reflection, with physical flexibility, strength, and prior knowledge of the postures taking a backseat to the primary intention of self-knowledge and empowerment.

In Tantra classes, the teacher urges you to relax and simply listen. As the teacher, I will lead you into a yogic state—moving body and breath. From that point, there is no right or wrong. We will guide you in proper alignment and form if a posture might injure you, but we honor the agency of each practitioner to choose what is best for them.

The true purpose of yoga, at its core, is to facilitate meditation. Pattabhi Jois, the father of yoga, said that “The moving asanas are only a way to quiet the body for meditation.” Traditional Tantra is a moving meditation. We believe that once you release the belief that you can’t put your legs behind your head, you’ll find you actually can.