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Open space Five-day Rewilding Retreat in Gavdos, Crete-Greece June 18-22, 2021

21% Discount

Organization: Hellenic Society of Ecopsychology and Integrative Health

Why Gavdos?

On the island of Calypso of the Odyssey (Ogygia), according to Callimachus, at the southern tip of Europe that has preserved more than any other its authentic and immaculate nature, with the unprecedented and intense energy that you feel from the first moment you reach the place, we will have the opportunity to spend five days of freedom, internalisation, self-knowledge, awakening and well-being. Awakening is about our identification with our authentic, free and primitive nature in complete harmony with the environment we will be in.

The program includes experiential workshops of Ecopsychology, Ecotherapy and Mindfulness, connection with the body, soul and spirit, with the elements of the surrounding nature, different experiential seminars in the incomparably beautiful landscapes and beaches of the island. Our goal is to benefit mentally and physically after a long period of stress but also to interact with the environment in which we find ourselves with respect and gratitude as the basis of Ecopsychology is the mutual relationship of Human-Nature.

The accommodation will be in nature,  with Camping tents in the area of ​​Sarakinikos for the best grounding and contact with the most primary side of ourselves. However, there is the possibility of accommodation in the very few accommodations of the island if this is desired.

Our main base will be the beach of Sarakinikos, so named by the Saracen pirates who once traditionally used the island as a base. Sarakiniko, like most beaches of Gavdos, is one of the most enchanting beaches in Greece.

It is located in the innards of a bay facing north. It is a dreamy blonde beach with shallow waters, against the backdrop of a wild landscape with dunes and sea cedars. The beach provides some basic amenities such as rooms, rental cars, some taverns and mini market.

A few words about Gavdos

The island stands between Africa and Crete, almost in the middle of the Libyan Sea and is the southernmost tip of Europe, its last border with the south. The whole island belongs to the NATURA 2000 network and is protected by Greek and European legislation. In Gavdos there are metamorphic rocks, Neogene layers with marine fossils, as well as sandstone deposits of the late Pleistocene. Although the island is not characterized by high altitude, it has several valleys and seasonal streams. The human presence in the area dates back to Neolithic times.

The vegetation in Gavdos is macchia, wooded and phryganic. On the north side there are extensive sand dunes with junipers. In terms of its flora, the complex is considered one of the most important sites in Europe, as a relatively large number of African plant species are found here. The area is also of great importance for migratory birds. Important bird species in the area include the Cormorant (Phalacrocorax aristotelis desmarestii), the Artemis (Calonectris diomedea) and the Puffinus yelkouan.



Gavdos is known for the ancient cedar forests. It is a destination of great ecological interest, as the sea cedars (species Juniperus macrocarpa and Juniperus phoenicea) form some of the most important ecosystems in Crete- the cedar forests- that grow on the sand dunes of the south of Crete and its’ islands. The ecological importance of sand dunes is enormous for the biodiversity and the existence of rare animals and plants. Their roots are found in the sand and connect and create a huge web of communication between them. One, through observation can feel these trees working their net!

Cedar has been known since ancient times for its properties not only the healing ones, but also in many ancient cultures it has been respected also for  for its spiritual properties such as purification, protection, eternity, power and interpretation of messages from inner self


Friday 18/06/21 (Sarakiniko):

14.00 Arrival, settlement and registration

17.00-18.00 Opening ceremony

18.00 -20.00 Ecopsychology Workshop

20.00 Dinner

Saturday 19/06/21 (Sarakiniko, Faros (Lighthouse)  and Kastri):

09.00- 10.30 Mindfulness and Yoga

10.30-11.30 Breakfast

11.30-14.00 Ecopsychology Workshop

14.00-17.00 Lunch and free time

17.30 Departure for Sunset at the Lighthouse

18.00- 20.00 Ecopsychology Workshop

20.00-21.00 Sunset, relaxation and integration

21.15           Dinner in Kastri

Info: The historic lighthouse of Gavdos, the southernmost in Europe, dates back to 1880 and was finally rebuilt in 2003. The new complex includes a café and the lighthouse is now a museum for the history of the lighthouse with photos and its old equipment. The lighthouse of Gavdos is nowadays one of the most important sights of the island, with endless views of the blue sky and sea from this unique geographical point.

Sunday 20/06/21 (Potamos- Ai Giannis)

09.00-10.00 Breakfast

10.00 Departure by boat to Potamos

10.30-11.00 Arrival at Potamos- swimming

11.00-13.00 Rewilding experience, Potamos Gorge

13.00-14.00 Free time

14.00 Departure by boat to Ai Giannis

14.15-17.00 Free time

17.00-19.00 Ecopsychology Workshop

19.00    Dinner at Ai Giannis-Return


Info: Potamos is a beautiful beach with tiled sand and fantastic waters formed at the exit of a small gorge with enchanting geological formations of clay. Around the sea cedars reach the beach. The rocks have fossils while in the gorge we will find clay, known for its properties.

Ai Giannis Beach: Ai Giannis is a beautiful secluded sandy beach, in a wild landscape that is more reminiscent of Africa than Europe. The Discovery Channel has previously voted it the 2nd best beach in the world, after a beach in Hawaii . There are only sea cedars, pines and beautiful geological formations around.



Monday 21/06/21 Hiking (Korfos – Tripiti beach)

08.00- 09.00 Breakfast

09.00 Departure for Korfos

09.30 Start of hiking- Forest Bathing- Mindful Hiking

11.00 -12.00 Arrival at Tripiti beach, swimming

12.00-13.00 Climb to the southernmost tip of Europe – Grounding, meditation

13.00- 16.00 Time of integration, relaxation and contemplation

16.00-18.00 Laboratory of Ecopsychology

18.00 Departure for return to Korfos

20.00 Dinner in Korfos in a tavern in the area

Info: The beach of Tripiti is located in the southernmost point of Gavdos, but also in Europe. In its eastern part it has sand, while in the western part, up to the «nose» of Gavdos, it has large round stones and pebbles. The landscape on the southernmost beach of Europe is magnificent with a trademark of the three large natural arches, the Camarellis, which are formed at the eastern end of the beach. From these holes it gets the name Tripiti. Above the Camarelles there is a huge chair made by some Russian scientists, in which one can climb and gaze at the vast South Cretan Sea

Access to the beautiful Tripiti is on foot, from a path that starts from Korfos. The distance is 3.5 km and the route is through pine-covered areas. Also, during the course we will meet abandoned farmhouses built of stone in the area of ​​Alyki.

Tuesday 22/06/21 (Sarakiniko)

08.00-09.00 Breakfast, Meditation

10.00-12.00 Laboratory of Ecopsychology

12.00-13.00 Group sharing

13.00 Closing ceremony


Price: 420 euros

Early bird: 330 euros until May 1

Registrations until May 20 with a deposit of 150 euros

Limited number of participants

Conducting language |: Greek and English

Refund policy: Refund of advances until June 1. In case the Retreat is not held due to the pandemic or other factors concerning the organizers, the amounts given by the participants will be refunded in full immediately.

What is included:

  • Ecopsychology Workshops

  • Fares within the island (buses and boat)

  • Organization of Retreat

  • Certificate of participation recognized by the International Ecopsychology Society (IES)

  • 20% discount on tuition fees on the 2nd IES Training of Hellas School and inclusion of the       hours of experiential workshops

What is not included in the price:

  • Transportation to and from Gavdos

  • Accommodation and meals

  • Personal expenses

  • Camping tents (for any difficulties with the camping equipment, please contact the organizers)

For further information and clarifications, please contact us at  or by calling us at tel: 00306945383866

For applying as a participant, please visit our website and fill the partication form by selecting the event in the Upcoming Events section.

Organizer: Hellenic Ecopsychology Society and  Integrative Health

Main Coordinator – Ecopsychology Workshops

Kleio Apostolaki, BSc., MSc.

Kleio G. Apostolaki was born and raised in Athens, and is currently living in Crete. She studied Psychology with Clinical Psychology at the University of Kent in UK and continued her post-graduated studies  in Mental Health (MSc.) at King’s College at the University of London where she specialized in  Dynamic and Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapy. In 2009 she received her Diploma in Ecopsychology from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow. She also studied Dolphin Therapy for children and adults with psychological, neurological and motor problems at the Dolphinswim Institute in cooperation with Sigmund Freud University in Vienna. She is also a licenced Adult Educator by the Greek Ministry of Education and EMDR therapist for Τrauma. She has worked in the Adult Psychiatry Department at Guy’s Hospital in London, and since 2002 she has been working as a freelancer in Greece. She has taken part in numerous international and national conferences as a lecturer, she writes in the journal and  has a large number of TV broadcasters as a guest expert. She is a member and part of the Board of the International Society of Ecopsychology (IES), President of IES 2016-2019 and officially recognized as the representative of IES in Greece with the establishment of the “Hellenic Ecopsychology Society”, which has been active in Greece since 2007.

Collaborator-Mindfulness and Yoga Workshops

Vivian Karavanou, BA., MSc.Vivian Karavanou was born in Vancouver, Canada and grew up in Chania, Crete. She studied Psychology at the University of Essex in England, (BA Psychology) and continued her postgraduate studies in Counselling Psychology at the Metropolitan University of London (MSc Counselling Psychology). She  then  went  into training of a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. Vivian has been a Private Counselling Psychologist  and Ιntegrative Psychotherapist since 2005. She is Training people into Mindfulness since 2013 and  Instructing Hatha & Tantra Yoga classes & Retreats  since 2017.She has been teaching since 2010 Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, Mental Health Counselling and Clinical Hypnotherapy. Since 2010 she offers training and Supervision to Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Mental Health Specialists. In 2016 she founded Phi Space – a multidimensional wellbeing Community  that is consisted of a well-trained team of experts who work together to ensure the health and wellbeing of people who come to Φ- Phi. Today  Vivian provides individual and group sessions that compose all of the above in order to  Integrate the Science of Psychotherapy and Counselling with the Art of Mindfulness, Meditation and Yoga -in synergy with Nature!