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Rebirthing in Water

Rebirthing in Sea Water

Rebirthing is an amazing therapy which brings joy, release, freedom and renewed energy and strength. It is a therapy which works on an emotional level and it is dynamic, powerful and very practical. The basis of Rebirthing is very simple deep breathing and many people have reported that even only one session of Rebirthing has helped them more than years of psychotherapy.

Rebirthing is all about clearing our emotions in our own way and in our own time. While we are full of old negative emotions these hold us back and do not allow us to make the changes we need to in our lives or to feel the way we would like to. Rebirthing gives the opportunity to clear and let go deep down on this emotional level. Fear, panic, stress, anger, depression, blocks, childhood trauma can all be cleared and dealt with thoroughly, easily and at the root.

Sessions in the water are usually more intense than the dry sessions because water is an additional source of prana and often makes deep memories come to the surface. Warm water re-birthing has a tendency to regress people to birth memories and prenatal states of consciousness and cold water re-birthing has a tendency to get people in touch with places where they are holding tension or pain, it can also help them heal the death urge and experiences related to death. Cold water sessions only require the water to be below body temperature.