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Life in the Island

The Life in the Island

Everything is going Slow! And it’s Hot! So you can’t escape Letting go and Relax!

The Healing island of Gavdos ,invites you, to rest, to unwire, to nurture and listen to your True Self. It holds the space, to express your Natural Wild Side of you.

The protected forests of Cedar trees, are amazing healers and co- work with your Self Regulation , Purification and Healing process.

The Sand is Medicinal and assists you to ground, Detox, and harmonize you with Life.

Gavdos Beaches, are all Different and Special, awaiting to be discovered in Awe!

The miraculous crystal clear waters, call you in, for your deep contact with your Pure and Joyful Self.

The natural environment and the Way of simple Living in Gavdos, give you the real opportunity to tune in with Nature and your True self.

The time goes by slow, and your walking will follow that pace as days go by. You truly relax and slow down your mind, your voice and your steps.

The free camping experience in the bell tents, offer the chance to experience the Luxury and abundance of life in the most simple way. Little things are actually needed to have the time of your Life – True Vacation.

Gavdos invites everybody that can stay truly with him self and authentically with others. The island has very strong Healing Power, that destroys the old, that doesn’t serve anymore and creates space for the New, the desirable one.

Some people can not stand that energy and leave the island in short time, while others sync in so deep, that they forget to Leave. Most of the people that enjoy the lifestyle of the island , postpone the time of their stay. (maybe for a very long time!).Maybe you will meet same of these people , to share with you the magical impact of this island onto the Body, Self and Life. So be prepared to change your tickets, both ways! Maybe allow some space and time if you have an international flight just in case!

All the beaches of the island, allow people to swim, and even walk nude, if they wish around the forest. After a while, you loosen up and align within the nature inside.

The Cedar forest, will assist you as ‘’a trainer’’ to develop and refine your natural and delicate movement, and train you, to be present and mindful with your moving around the forest.

The temperature in the summer season, is quite High, Causing you Deep Relaxation and Rejuvenation!

There is one communal Shower and your toilet is in the wilds. It is very important to keep the forest clean, so there is a specific hygiene natural way, for the convenience of the people that choose to come here and the respect towards the environment.

You have the option to either stay in one place, to rest and reconnect with you, or travel around exploring the Magic in Gavdos. Of course you can combine and design your stay, as you truly need and desire!