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Hypnotherapy in Nature

Hypnotherapy in Nature

Hypnotherapy in Nature, holds the space for the person to connect to his hidden natural sources and powers , and allows them to bloom and arise to the conscious mind, so they can be Realized by the self! Self Realization is the aim, in such unforgettable sessions!

Hypnosis is a highly suggestible state of mind created during times of stress. We all slip in and out of hypnosis. It’s a natural state of mind. Clinical hypnosis utilizes this natural state of mind as a way of bringing about positive life changes in a safe, controlled environment. Hypnotherapy is an effective, natural way to empower you to overcome obstacles in you life. Hypnosis can be very helpful and effective and indeed hypnosis is a part of effective hypnotherapy treatment as well.

Hypnotherapy is the use of the inherent entrancing nature of the mind to consciously help a person learn how to use the power of their mind to heal, make changes and be free. In this model, there is not a need to have a person first reach a particular trance of receptivity because there is an understanding that the person is already in an entranced state. Our problems are entranced states.

This does not mean that our problems are not intense or come with strong emotions. This means that our painful states of mind are created by our own mind through a process of thinking, visualizing(time is one example of visualizing) believing and habitually following these patterns of belief.

Good hypnotherapy helps the person become empowered in using their own mind to affect change. If hypnotherapists simply put people in a trance and then manipulated their minds the client would be no more empowered when they left than when they came in. An essential aspect of hypnotherapy is that the client is becoming more empowered and more skilled in working directly with their own mind so as to heal and be happy.